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Merry and Bright: Top Christmas Destinations Voted By The GoWonder Community

Merry and Bright: Top Christmas Destinations From The GoWonder Community

Christmas: many call it the most wonderful time of the year. How can we make it even better? Add a trip to the festive season! Who wouldn’t love to spend time in a new city and experience the holidays in a whole new way? Whether you are travelling solo or with your loved ones, these are the top destinations for Christmas travel.

Top Christmas Destinations – 1. Copenhagen, Denmark

“Copenhagen is my favourite place for Christmas celebration. There is a pre-Christmas party where friends, or colleagues gather and celebrate. Many houses start playing fireworks from just before Christmas, so you can see beautiful fireworks everywhere. The most impressive fireworks night is on Christmas day, where the whole city is so lively with lots of noise and colourful fireworks. Also, you can visit Christmas market as well, and discover interesting shops, food and drinks.” – www.expatolife.com

Top Christmas Destinations


Top Christmas Destinations – 2. New York City, US

“NYC at Christmas is my favourite. The lights, the decorations, the tree at Rockefeller Center, the ice skating at Bryant Park. The shopping, the food, the drinks, the people you meet in the bars who are either getting ready to head out of town to visit family or are in town to visit family and are out to enjoy the atmosphere. There’s just something about Christmas in NYC.” – Kelli Cruttenden

Top Christmas Destination

Top Christmas Destinations – 3. France

“I love France in the winter, especially Annecy and Strasbourg. They both have wonderful Christmas markets, and are just magical places to spend those cold December days.” – luxurybackpack.com

Top Christmas Destination


Top Christmas Destinations – 4. Valkenburg, Netherlands

“There are a lot of amazing places for Christmas  but Valkenburg, Netherlands  with its own market in a cave it’s something special and once in a lifetime experience” – gabrielateisu.com

Top Christmas Destination


Top Christmas Destinations 5. Asheville, NC

“I’ve only ever spent Christmas at home with my family  however my favourite winter destination is Asheville, NC. The snow capped mountains are a delight and winter hikes there are beautiful. They also have log cabins in the lower peaks which have amazing views!” – browngirljournal.wordpress.com

Top Christmas Destination


Top Christmas Destinations no.6 – Melbourne, Australia


Ever thought of a Christmas on a beach? For our #Wonderers who are looking to add a little new experience to an old tradition.

I was in a hostel over Christmas so I went with a group from there to St Kilda beach (Melbourne) and joined the thousands of people partying on the beach! We attempted a BBQ but mostly just drank and played in the sea. It was 38 degrees. It was crazy and didn’t feel like Christmas but I had great fun. I’m here again this year but going to do a Christmas meal indoors with friends first before heading to the beach.” – Rachael Johnston

There you have it folks! Some amazing Christmas destinations to add to your list. Have any other recommendations? Where will you be spending this Christmas? Let us know in the comments below!

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