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Malia tells GoWonder about positivity, law of attraction and travels

Malia is a minimalism and positivity blogger who posts videos and blog posts on simplifying her life to make space in her life for the people she loves and places she wants to be. She’s also an assistant producer for BBC Radio and is writing a novel.

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 Malia tells GoWonder about positivity, law of attraction and travels
Hi Malia, thank you for sharing your story with our community. Tell us, how did you start traveling? 

My first story of travel wasn’t the greatest one. I’m a home girl, I love my home comforts so as soon as an opportunity to travel came along I just wanted to get it over with. It was only when I started traveling to different cities for my media job that I realized I loved my solo train journeys and my anxiousness sort of melted away. It’s an adventure to discover a new place and now I’ll never tire of it.

Q. Who or what inspired you to go travel the first time?

At the start of my minimalism journey I decided that I wanted to buy more experiences rather than material things. It was in one of my darkest days when I had this epiphany and I have since decided that instead of buying that expensive dress I’m going to grab my bikini and head for Santorini.


Q. What would you advise those who can’t go travel straight away?

I couldn’t travel straight away but that didn’t stop me dreaming. Read travel blogs, collect a list of places you want to visit and even look up prices. Even if you can’t travel right away it doesn’t mean that you can’t start dreaming and talking about it. I believe in the law of attraction and that when you prepare for something you truly want, even if it seems far away, you’ll reach it sooner.

Q. On your YouTube channel you tell about positivity, minimalism and zero waste lifestyle. What is your experience traveling as a minimalist?

I’m not big on the whole zero waste trend, I just try and reduce as much as I can and cancel things out that I don’t really need while packing.
My work involves a lot of overnight stays and it has definitely been a struggle trying not to be wasteful and minimizing the things I carry with me.

I’m a planner and I have a list of things to pack including organizing outfits so that they are interchangeable. I set an alarm for last minute unpackable things like a toothbrush and face wash and pack them in the morning.

Q. What are your minimalist essentials to take with you on a journey?

My yoga leggings, a book and a cosy jumper are my foundations. I build everything else around them.

Q. In our community we also focus on women empowerment. Who was your shero growing up?

I have so much love for Emma Watson. She was my hero as the character Hermione growing up but now she’s my hero as Emma. I love her activism for gender equality, her openness and ambition. I just want to emulate her.

Q. What are you working on now?

I’m starting a happiness series on my YouTube channel which starts next week. It will be focused on simple ways to feel positive even through adversity. I’m also working away at my novel that I started writing at the beginning of the year.

Head over to Malia’s youtube channel for videos on positivity, minimalism and traveling.

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