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Michelle from Making Sense of Cents Answers Questions from the GoWonder Community

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Michelle from Making Sense of Cents Spills all

We interviewed Michelle from Making Sense of Cents for all the aspiring bloggers and opened up the questions to the GoWonder Community. Michelle is an ex-financial analyst, now a fully self-employed online freelancer, solopreneur who travels the world in an RV. She publishes monthly income updates where she discuss how she earns over $70,000 a month through affiliate marketing on her blog.

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Making Sense of Cents

1. Sarah Perrine: What is the best way to get started?

If you’re interested in starting a blog, I recommend checking out my How To Start A Blog email course. In this course, I teach you exactly how to start a blog, how to determine what to write about, how to grow your traffic, and more.

2. Joyce Tripses: How did you build your mailing list?

For building my email list, I use Convertkit and that has significantly helped me in growing my email list. I am able to tag subscribers (so that they can emails related to exactly what they want to read about), create free email courses, send out free printables, and more, which all help me to increase the amount of subscribers that I have.

3. Fergie Huang: Without a large following like Making Sense Of Cents, how can newbie bloggers like myself make money?

Check out my Affiliate Income Course where I break it all down in simple and easy to follow steps and teaches you exactly how to build a six figure blog without millions of visitors. Many newbie bloggers have started generating affiliate income after taking the course. You can find out more about here: Make Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

Making Sense of Cents

4. Chloe Sailor:
a) Why is anyone interested in reading blogs?

Blogs can vary by topic, but depending on the blog, readers may be interested in what they can possibly learn from the blogger. They may learn travel tips on a new destination, how to manage their money better, how to work from home, how to make a specific recipe, and so on. Personally, I LOVE reading blogs. They give me new ideas, learn about things that I may have never realized, and so on.

b) Do you embellish the truth to make it more interesting to the readers?

No, I don’t embellish the truth. I am a personal finance writer so embellishing the truth would be just a weird lie that your readers would find out about because personal finance is about facts.

5. Genoveva Michelena Crocy: Is it really important to have a name related to your blog? I mean, if it’s a travel blog, does the domain has to have the word “travel” in it?

No, your blog does not have to have the word that you are blogging about in it. But, I do recommend, of course, making it obvious what your blog is about when readers do land on your homepage or a blog post. This will make it more clear so that they aren’t confused about what you’re writing about. I know many successful bloggers who just use their name as their domain, so that’s proof that you don’t need to have a specific word in your name.

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6. Tabris Chen & Vicky Lengyelová: What is the most effective way in getting new followers to your social channels ?

Simply just having my social media icons easy to find on my website has allowed me to grow my social media accounts quickly. Funny enough, this is something that many bloggers overlook – which ends up hurting them!

For all of them, being engaged with your readers and only posting high-quality content are key. This is how you can attract readers and have them coming back for more and more.

7. Jess Harling: What advice would she give to somebody like myself, who has only had a travel blog for just under a year, to gain more of a following and make my blog stand out from the rest?

To gain more of a following, then you’ll want to be active on as many social media websites as you possibly can. This may include Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and more. You may want to guest post on relevant websites or websites that have your target audience as well, as this can help you to grow your traffic and following of your blog. Lastly, if you don’t have an email list, that is something I highly recommend starting as you are in complete control of your email list, unlike with social media websites where there are always algorithm changes that can take away your traffic from that specific social media website.

8. Nadeesha Rathnayake: As people’s attention span is becoming shorter and shorter, how can a travel blog stay relevant?

I’m not a travel blogger, but yes, finding your niche and finding a way to differentiate yourself from the crowd can help you to stay relevant. Plus, you’ll be more memorable to your readers. There are TONS of blogs out there, especially travel ones, so you will want to find a way to make yourself stand out from others.

9. Marije: As a starter in the market without a large portfolio, how do you attract/ scale up from low-budget clients to clients with a higher budget and spending?

You’ll most likely want to build your portfolio, which means that you may have to take some low-budget clients in order to build that. However, you don’t want to be too low. So, in order to get good paying low-budget clients, you may want to do similar work that you would do for a paying client, but for your own blog. By doing this, you can then still use this work as a part of your portfolio so that you can show it to paying clients and demonstrate the work you can do.

Making Sense of Cents

10. Alina Linca: Any tips for people who live outside of the US? As a lot of content about points, affiliate etc is for those who blog in English. What if I blog in my own language and how to utilize this in a small country with only 2 million people?

If the majority of your readers are from the country you are writing for, that is completely fine, of course. Many of the tips will still apply when it comes to blogging. It’s all about finding your audience, getting them to subscribe to your email list, and becoming a loyal follower.

11. Chrissy Marie: Certain topics and certain blogs are interesting to particular group of people usually. What are some good ways a certain blogger can find her target audience?

I always recommend that a person blog about a topic that they are passionate about. As blogging is a lot of work and can take up a ton of time. Plus, if you are passionate about a topic then you can usually have endless of ideas to write about. Because you’ll always be excited and interested in writing something related to your topic. Then, your target audience usually just falls within this area, so it can be quite easy to find your target audience once you narrow down your niche.

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