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GoWonder City Guide | London – UK

GoWonder City Guide | London – UK

This is not a standard city guide you can find anywhere else. GoWonder travellers share their favourite spots from their hometown to create the most authentic guide. Discover the best things to do in the world’s greatest cities.
Today let’s follow 
Eulanda to London! 

Getting Around

Uber, bus (top up on your oyster card), and underground (daily ticket)

Must Try Food/Drink In London 

You must try the quintessential fish & chips, and scotch egg. Also try the local craft beers.

Must Try Restaurant In London

Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen in Brixton is fantastic. Also in Brixton, The Provincial has a great Afro-Latin brunch. The Colombian breakfast is so good!

Must Try Cafe In London

Fee & Brown, Deli Nene (both in Beckenham).

What is London known for?

London is known for its diversity, wide variety of fun things happening at all hours of day. Walk along the Thames River starting at South Bank.  

See Big Ben, Millennium Bridge, Tower Bridge, and the Shard.

Also recommend a visit to the Tate Modern museum and the National Portrait Gallery if you’re a museum lover.

Top 3-5 places to check out in London?

  1. Walk along the Green Mile to visit London’s green spaces.
  2. Explore Shoreditch’s incredible streetart.
  3. Visit Borough Market, try different street and artisanal foods. You will be spoilt for choice! Look for free samples!

Must Try Activities in London?

  1. Get the London Pass, and hop on and off of the Thames River Cruise. You can hop off on four stops: Westminster, London Eye, Tower Bridge, and Greenwich.
  2. Do a walking tour with Planet Pass. They have a huge range of tours available to suit any taste. The Southwark & Borough Market Tour  is a great way to step back in time to better understand the great fire that consumed a massive part of London.
  3. See a show at the Jazz Cafe in Camden. They have such an eclectic range of shows on offer. You can have dinner there as well!
  4. If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, then take a Harry Potter tour. They depart daily from Leicester square.

Night life in London

Brixton is full of great places for nights out. The crowds there are quite safe, but fun! Try Pop Brixton. They always have local bands playing on the weekends, with a wide array of food and drink to choose from. Lots of international people to chat with. Great place to make friends!

Go to Bar Salsa in Leicester square for a night of Salsa dancing. They make a mean mojito. Also feel free to drink and watch, but be prepared to be pulled onto the dance floor. This is a great place to meet locals and travellers alike!

Accommodation in London 

Paddington has loads of safe, cheap hotels. It’s a great base to explore from.

Also look at air bnbs in areas like Camden, Highbury & Islington, & Green Park. Also accomodation near Stratford, or the O2 (East London) will be modern, but cheaper than central London. 

Female Travellers Safety Tips For London 

Bare in mind that London has just opened up a 24hr tube line (subway), but it doesn’t service all of London. If you’re out at night by yourself, and have had more than a few drinks, it’s best to call a cab or uber, this way there is no risk of disorientation.

If you’re navigating the city with your phone, try to stand away from curbs. There are often phone thefts from cyclists right from out of the hands of innocent passerbys.

London is a very safe city. Safer than most major cities in the US. Basic safety rules apply when visiting London.

What to do in an emergency?

In an emergency call 999. If you witness a non-emergency crime call 101.

If you need advice with dealing with the police, emotional support, etc, call

Victim Support on 08 08 16 89 111.

Additional Tips

Visit Timeout London for a comprehensive calendar of events in London.

Always carry a small, portable umbrella. London is known for its rain at any moment.

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