How To Become a Digital Nomad

20 Female Digital Nomads share how they started their remote lifestyle

20 Female Digital Nomads

Learn from 20 Female Digital Nomads who have successfully turned their passion into remote careers!

I’ve been in & out of offices for many years and from my very first job I’ve always felt trapped and confined in the world of 9-5. Surrounded by the conventional world I thought this feeling might end someday and I would learn to conform. However, almost 2 decades later I found myself still deeply unsatisfied with an office job and the 2-4 week annual vacation package that comes with it. As the travel-addict I am, the digital nomad lifestyle has always been calling my name but I could never seem to make it work. Until a few weeks ago when I scored my first full-time remote job!!

Is your dream to fly and soar around this world AND work? Never has it been easier to make this dream happen. It’s just a matter of figuring out how to make it work for you. Today we’ll take a look at 20 female digital nomads who are living out their dreams, traveling the world and making a living at the same time. Let their stories inspire you and give you some ideas on how to become a digital nomad yourself.

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Yasmine, co-founder of the Tibba App, a skill sharing community for digital nomads. She’s been living the nomadic lifestyle since she was 19, when she set off to France. She’s an entrepreneur and says that being “co-founder of Tibba App allows me to work from wherever I want, lucky me!”

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Melissa started living the digital nomadic lifestyle in 2010 at the age of 20 and 7 years later she is still going strong. She runs a digital product design studio called Melewi Melewi. They do mobile and web user experience and user interface design.

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Marta supports her digital nomad lifestyle as a freelance Graphic Designer and Creative Director. How did she make the leap from office to nomad? She had been side hustling as a freelance graphic designer for a while to create a solid client base of her own and then last September she finally left her fulltime job to start working remotely at the age of 30!

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Valine tells us in her own words how she stumbled into digital nomadhood. “I started being a digital nomad when I was 31 years old. I had quit my office job to go backpacking and volunteering in Brazil. After 6 months I ran out of money and I did not want to go home. I decided to look for jobs online. It went surprisingly well and I have been living from online jobs since 4 years now.”

Currently works for an international website and started off as a translator there 3 years ago, then became a content writer and now is a project manager for the company. What does she do? She makes sure that the website works in all different languages, handles SEO, social media, create content and works with advertisers.

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Erica started her nomadic ways at 28 and has “lived this life three times during her career.” First as a Junior Executive in telecommunications. She says she rarely needed to be in a traditional office so she became her own office. Next as a co-owner of Georgia Sanitation, Inc. In her own words “ Yes, sanitation! and it was FUN! We maintained a virtual office environment that allowed me to travel while maintaining a completely virtual customer service and billing infrastructure.

In the small to medium sanitation company world, nothing like that existed. Creating that environment was amazing and allowed me to do what I wanted to do personally, travel with my children and create jobs perfect for people who also wanted that freedom.” On her third life as a digital nomad she works as a Life Coach and consultant to clients all over the world. She has taken client calls from the deck of a boat then jumped into a caldera in the Mediterranean to swim with her husband and children. Living the dream!

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Meg began living the digital nomad life at 25. An Australian travel-a-holic, Meg and her husband Mike realized that working 9-5 was quite restrictive, and wasn’t allowing them to travel as much as they would like. So they put a lot of time and effort into setting up and monetizing their travel blog, and after a year of hard work they started to earn an income from it.  They were able to quit their jobs and live off the money coming in from the blog, and have now been living a location independent lifestyle, or the “digital nomad life” for the past three years. The freedom is wonderful.

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Pauline is a personal finance blogger and owns and manages 4 websites. She also does a bit of freelance writing to sustain herself and owns a guest house in Guatemala with staff to run it when she is away. When did her digital nomadic lifestyle start? “I was 23, it was 14 years ago! I did a round the world trip for a year and never felt like going back home. Since then I have mostly lived abroad for long period of time and traveling around a few months per year, back home or to explore new destinations. Right now I am based in Guatemala, I spend about 6-8 months of the year there, then travel the rest of the time, back to France to visit my family, or to other places.”

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Sarah became a digital nomad last year at the age of 30. She launched her current business, Vandenberg DC, which handles business and marketing analytics for nonprofits, businesses, and startups. In less than a year she’s been able to pay off all her student loans and become debt-free, move to her dream apartment in  her dream city, and have the kind of financial and professional freedom that lets her travel whenever and wherever I’d like. She says “I’m not strictly a nomad since I have a home base, but I do have the wonderful ability to, for example, book a last-minute plane ticket to Honduras and work from there for a couple weeks as long as I have wifi. And I have definitely taken advantage of that!”

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Silvia is 32 and has been traveling for almost a decade. What does she do?  She’s a journalist, novelist, translator, illustrator, media analyst, CV writer and career adviser. She freelances for a variety of companies and runs The Shortlisted, where she offers her career services.

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A kitesurf addict, Miriam started her digital nomad lifestyle when she was 28 years old. She says she didn’t even know that this whole lifestyle existed until she visited a conference for Digital Nomads in Germany, called DNX, half a year before. After being employed as a designer in an agency in Munich, Germany, for 3 years, she quit her job to become a freelance graphic designer as it ultimately gave her more freedom to work remotely.

Today she still travels back and forth between Germany for a few months and then chasing the wind for the other months of the year. She’s a founder of the kitesurf blog Wake Up Stoked, a platform for kitesurfing and that will hopefully generate a second stream of income in the long run. For a glimpse of her lifestyle check out this short video.

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Alexandra left her job as a Social Media Manager for a luxury company in Switzerland in the summer of 2013 just after her 30th birthday. She says “I felt it was time to pursue other passions: photography and travel. Later that year, my husband and I relocated to London for his work. Moving to this inspiring city and meeting creative people helped me figure out what it was that I wanted to become: a photographer. My social media expertise enabled me to successfully develop my Instagram account and that is how it lead me to start working with various companies for photography projects.”

How does she balance work and travel? “As a freelance photographer and digital influencer, I am lucky to have a flexible schedule which allows me to travel a lot. While some of my work projects require me to travel, I mostly travel for my own pleasure and spend time with my loved ones. I come from an international background, which certainly sparked my passion for traveling.

With my family living in different countries in Europe, it makes it easy for me to travel to these places and work from there if needed. It also always gives me good opportunities to create fresh content, which often brings attention to my work as a photographer and generates new work opportunities.”

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Chelse is a Digital Advertising Specialist that focuses on Facebook Advertising and Google Adwords. She is so grateful that it allows her to not only work from anywhere in the world, but also allows her to meet and have clients from all over the world! So when did this lifestyle start for her? “I was 25 when I decided to make the commitment to living a location independent life. At this point, I was having a quarter-life crisis and realized I only had ONE stamp in my passport – from a spring break trip to the Bahamas in college. I was petrified of following that pattern of no living a fulfilling life or seeing the world, so I decided right then and there to do what I could to change my path!”

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Amy became a digital nomad because she loved traveling and seeing the world.

“I have a travel blog (just a hobby) where I write about some of my adventures so I wanted to incorporate travel into my lifestyle versus traveling a few weeks a year during time off. It’s fun but also tiring being a tourist dashing from sight to sight so I prefer staying in one place a little longer to enjoy it at my own pace.

Coupled with my love for travel, I did a little soul searching (a bit cheesy I know) and realized I wasn’t happy with the typical corporate 9-5 lifestyle. I needed more freedom to feel happy and fulfilled and waking up every day to go to my 9-5 corporate job just (personally) wasn’t going to cut it for me – at least then. Luckily, I’ve grown up in an age where today’s technology is rising so fast that it is much more feasible and possible for people to work remotely than before and particularly awesome that companies are also realizing this trend and adopting these practices as well.

My background is in IT consulting/software testing so I found a remote job working for a few remote companies through the years and traveled/worked around the world at the same time. Now, I have a home base in Hawaii where I do business development at a software technology firm. 🙂 ”

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Deb is one half of the adventure couple of ThePlanetD. She was 36 years old when I started ThePlanetD and 37 years old when she decided to pursue it full time. Before becoming a travel blogger, she was a make-up artist in the Toronto film and TV business. She says “It was having the freedom of working as a freelancer on various film and TV projects that sparked my love for travel. My husband Dave and I would take a couple of months off each winter to travel. We saved our money all year and then went exploring the globe each winter. We did this every year for seven years before finally taking the plunge into a full time career.“

She is now considered a travel influencer and not only runs ThePlanetD travel blog with her husband, but we also creates videos, does keynote speaking, they sell photography, and have a large social media following. They consider themselves a mini production company partnering with tourism boards and brands to create media about the destination or experience.

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After years working various jobs in the UK Anna spent 18 months saving all she could and quit her job and left the UK for an indefinite adventure when she was 26. For a few years she lived off savings, travelled on a budget and worked in an outback pub in Australia. She started a blog when she first left but it took a few years until Anna was able to afford a location independent lifestyle.

In her own words, “I have a travel blog called Global Gallivanting which has become known as a resource for India travel tips, especially for women traveling in India. Now I have about 100,000 page views a month, advertising and affiliate sales on my blog bring in some income and, due to my blog, I am also able to support myself with freelance writing and digital marketing consultancy projects for travel companies.

However, traveling full time while working can be exhausting so now I prefer to have a base where I can travel from but can also chill and catch up on work. I’m currently based in Goa, India where the cost of living is low but the internet is terrible for digital nomads.”

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Julie has been completely location independent for nearly six years. She became obsessed with the idea while living overseas with her then-husband, completely broke, but only managed to pull it off once back in the States. She explains, “I started out by freelancing as a writer, creating blog posts and articles for marketers. Then I started to actually learn more about digital marketing (I had previously worked in marketing), and then I got busy, and then I launched my business, Impressa Solutions.

Impressa is staffed by an all-remote team, so everyone gets to enjoy that level of freedom and flexibility. And I speak and mentor others who are trying to break into online freelancing, get started in digital marketing, or manage a location independent lifestyle.”

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Caroline had just turned 25 when she started her digital nomad journey. “At the time I had finished my university degree and was working in marketing back in my home country. I knew I wanted to travel more and heard about people who already worked from their laptop from anywhere so I booked a ticket to Thailand to give this a go, see if I could do it too. 2,5 years later, I am still going.”

What does she do for a living? She’s am a digital marketing specialist and content creator and runs her own small business with clients all over the world, She also does web design and writes on her travel blog.

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Hannah started traveling at age 16 and hasn’t really stopped since. She worked on farms and all kinds of weird and wonderful collectives to get around before turning to the internet for a sustainable income. She has been working digitally for 4 years now. She’s a slow moving nomad these days, 3-6 months in any given place 🙂 She’s currently based in Bangkok.  

Her day job in her own words: “I’m a high-end Virtual Assistant who works with online influencers in the mind, body and soul industries. I also co-found Digital Nomad Kit with my biz partner Valentina. DNK is a training platform and community for beginner VAs who don’t want to compete on freelancer platforms and want to kickstart their career in the right direction. I am really passionate about helping people see their worth and showing them how to establish themselves in a way that brings in high-quality and long-term clients. Otherwise, being a VA is just no fun if you’re constantly fighting for low paid jobs on Upwork!! ;)”

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Amy became a digital nomad by accident, in the sense that the term didn’t even exist when she started out!

“I quit my job to take a solo round-the-world trip in 2004, and along the way I decided I didn’t want to go back to a regular office job. I started working for myself as a freelance book editor so I could continue the adventure, and I’ve never looked back. Ever since, I’ve been working while traveling the world and living abroad, including five years in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I met my husband in 2009.”

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Alice Ko

Alice started freelancing when she was 28 and went fully digitally nomadic when she was 31 🙂 She runs a boutique remote marketing collective called Pivot Six. 

“We are a tight-knit team and what’s amazing about our collective is that we are scattered around the world yet we stay extremely efficient, productive and collaborative. We specialize in helping impact-driven lifestyle and wellness brands reach their goals through a comprehensive suite of marketing services. I also things over at Love Your Mornings, a space that helps people develop morning routines and find morning inspiration.”

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