How To Become a Digital Nomad

Digital nomad, writer, editor, blogger Stéphanie Smolders

Digital nomad, writer, editor, blogger Stéphanie Smolders 4

Today Stéphanie (founder of Tourist Exclusive) shares with us how she became a traveler & a digital nomad. She visits more than 10 countries every year and sleeps more nights in hotels all around the world than in her own bed. Let’s learn more from her!

In our stories of #Wonderer series, we share with you snippets from the road. These are stories from the women in our community, they are powerful, bold and free-spirited #Wonderers who love to travelFull of Wanderlust?

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Where are you from? Three recommendations of things to do for our lady travellers visiting your hometown.

I’m from Belgium. If you are visiting Belgium there are 3 things that you need to do.

– You should go on a shopping spree for chocolate and beer

– Explore Brussels with its beautiful parks and the famous Atomium !

– Have a boat tour in Ghent or Bruges

What does “to travel” mean to you?

To travel means to explore a culture, food and countries. I love getting to know people all over the world and connecting with nature everywhere I go.

What/who helped you get over the initial fear of traveling? If you weren’t fearful, GO YOU LADY and we can move on to the next question.

I have been traveling through all my life with my mother. On my 18the birthday, I traveled to Brazil (from EU) all by myself. That was the start of my adventure. If I get scared of travelling to a country that isn’t my favourite now, my boyfriend helps to go there and enjoy myself.

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Who/what inspired you to travel?

My mother inspired me a lot. She lived and worked in Spain for a few years before I was born. She took me on vacations at least 2 times in a year. She made me love travel!

Where is your favourite destination and three recommendations (things to do/to eat) for our ladies who visit ?

Barcelona is my favourite destination, for now. I’ve been there 3 times and I haven’t done everything there. Always eat tapes there, go to the beach and explore the many shops!

Most memorable/touching experience whilst travelling?

I have one almost every month. The last one was watching shooting stars in France for the whole night. We even slept outside

Most memorable incident with a local?

Meeting locals is the most fun. I love to be invited by taxi drivers into their home or going out for dinner with people I just met.

Could you share an experience of kindness from strangers?

Kindness makes the world better. So I always try to be kind myself to get back someday. The latest was the strangers sharing their meal and wine with us.

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Most incredible experience with fellow travellers?

I’ve been cliff jumping with fellow travellers, having ice cream or just a walk on the beach. The most amazing thing is sharing stories with a glass of wine.

Experienced any challenges traveling as a woman?

When you travel as a woman’s men always want to help you. Like you can’t do it yourself. Walking me to my gate or getting me food or just offer to help me out with something. I can do it myself, but they still think that you need a man to do something in life. Let me tell you. You don’t! Just go and explore the world!

Anything you saw shocked you on the road?

I’m sometimes shocked with the different cultures. Like in Africa it is normal to beat children in school. As a teacher myself (before the whole traveling full time) I can’t stand to see children being hurt.

Tips to first time travellers? 

My ultimate tips are: don’t pack too much. You need to carry it with you everywhere you go and I did it for 10 years. Packing too much stuff weighs you down.

Most useful resources you use to check for travel info?

I use sky scanner a lot and secret flying. Also Airbnb is a good one. It depends what you want to do when you are traveling.

go wonder girls travel solo travel stephanie


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