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GoWonder City Guide | Helsinki, Finland

GoWonder City Guide | Helsinki, Finland

This is not a standard city guide you can find anywhere else. GoWonder travellers share their favourite spots from their hometown to create the most authentic guide. Discover the best things to do in the world’s greatest cities.
Today let’s follow Melissa to 
Helsinki, Finland.

Getting Around

Just walk! It’s the nicest way to get around. There are also busses, subway and trams which are always on time. Cabs  are expensive, so better check out when the last bus is coming!

Must Try Food In Helsinki

On Christmas time you should drink glögi!

Eat piirakka, blueberry desserts, salmon soup and fazer chocolate!

Must Try Restaurant In Helsinki

There are quite a lot of options to eat well in Helsinki. I recommend to eat local fish dishes at the Harper (market as well)

If you are low on money and in  need of some fast food try Hesburger!

Must Try Cafe In Helsinki

Take a boat cruise to soumenlinna and get a hot cocoa and blueberry cake at café. But be aware of the seagulls which may steal your food!

What is Helsinki best known for?

Go to a wooden sauna and relax!

Maybe try ice fishing, ice scating or take a walk on the frozen sea at winter time

Top 3-5 places to check out in ?

1) Torni, great drinks and great sight (especially from the toilet)

2) islands- you can go by boat to from the Harper especially soumenlinna is stunning

3) Kalio is the young party and student districts with lots of cool bars

Must Try Activities in Helsinki?

Helsinki is a great places for hosts a lot of festivals, markets and events – always check out Facebook and google for current ones!

A big thing is going on at vappu in May which is a big student festival!

Night life in Helsinki

You can stay near kamppi or the trainstation and find great places! I loved Molly Malone’s who have live acts, a disco and a bar!

If you are here for the metal maybe perkerle is something for you!

Or find nice bars in the party district Kalio

Supermarkets don’t sell any alcohol after 9pm!

Accommodation in Helsinki

There are a hotels in the city center but due to the high prices I suggest using Airbnb

Female Travellers Safety Tips For Helsinki 

Helsinki is super safe so you don’t have to worry much.

Just take care at night and drunk people but that’s I would recommend in every city

Also the winter gets really dark and cold. Be careful with your clothing choices!

What to do in an emergency?

The police is very helpful and patrolling around the inner city.

Additional Tips

You will love this city, take your time and walk as much as possible to find some hidden gems!

Fins may appear a bit introvert but there are helpful and really nice people!

Also it it’s a kinda expensive city so keep that in mind while setting your budget.

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