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GoWonder City Guide | Koh Lanta – Thailand

GoWonder City Guide | Koh Lanta – Thailand

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Today Elise shares her favourite places in Koh Lanta . Let us follow her to Koh Lanta!

Getting Around Koh Lanta

Best way to get around – by moped! Easy to learn and can explore the island. Very safe, easy roads. If not then moto taxi or tuk tuk.

Must Try Food In Koh Lanta

Beach BBQs! Try freshly grilled shrimp and seafood, while enjoying an ice cold Chang!

Must Try Restaurant In Koh Lanta

El Greco – Greek Taverna. Amazing, authentic Greek food sat right on the beachfront. Wonderful staff and a very friendly owner.

Must Try Cafe In Koh Lanta

The whole island is filled with amazing Malay and Indian places due to the local population. Try out one of the local cooking schools like Time for Lime to learn some delicious Thai dishes to take home with you!

What is Koh Lanta known for?

The beautiful beaches and national park.

Top 3-5 places to check out in Koh Lanta?

The morning market in Old Town is a must do! 

Visiting the national park and getting lost in the forest (intentionally of course). The monkeys are a little friendly though and LOVE pop, so keep your drinks in your hand!

Renting a moped and spending the day exploring the long winding roads.

Must Try Activities in Koh Lanta?

Sunbathing, sampling the local cuisine, chilling in hammocks, reading a book! Don’t take things too seriously here, Koh Lanta is seriously laid back! Snorkelling and Scuba is available but the sea and weather can be pretty rough in monsoon season.

Night life in Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta’s partying scene is pretty sedate. There are plenty of bars along the beach that offer drinks, music and fire pits to spend your nights.

Accommodation in Koh Lanta

Anywhere around Phra Ae or Long Beach is a good bet. Lots of bars and restaurants nearby and good value.

Female Travellers Safety Tips For Koh Lanta

Like anywhere in SEA, be careful with your handbags and any loose valuables. Koh Lanta in general is pretty safe for Thailand though!

What to do in an emergency?

Local police around and a few medical centres (Saladin, Long Beach & Phra Ae) but for anything serious you would probably have to go back to the mainland.

Additional Tips

Try to avoid monsoon season as the seas can be pretty rough, the weather a bit overcast and the beach has a lot of flotsam/seaweed etc this time of year.

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