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Going Remote: Interview with Risk Management Expert Carly Gilbert


Carly Gilbert, Founder of Media Safety Management shares her story of taking her company remote!

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Article by Amanda Elizabeth, Digital Nomad Coach & Founder of The Wellness School

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a recovering lawyer who landed on her feet after leaving the legal world by getting a Masters in Health and Safety and setting up my own company, Media Safety Management. Here I focus on Risk Management in TV, film, events, and newspaper.

I predominantly provide risk management advice which includes planning how to safely execute a stunt such as a high fall or car roll, or an SFX scene involving explosions and fire. This has lead me to work on numerous films such as Rush, Star Wars VII, and Beauty and the Beast. The TV shows I’ve worked on include many UK magic shows and I have built an in depth knowledge of how these productions are brought together to thrill audiences worldwide.

To elevate the work pressure, I practice Pilates and am a fully trained instructor who offers lessons around the world. My next career aim is to write for a magazine or newspaper. Well, that and to become a qualified yoga teacher.

I am from Cambridge, UK and I joined Remote Year in September 2016 to travel around the world and take my company remote.

How were you able to take your company remote?

When I made the commitment to go on Remote Year I knew I was going to have to let go of 2/3rds of my clientele. While traveling I’ve been able to increase my business with festivals and writing events management plans. My job is highly stressful but I now have a great client base who understand that I am traveling and a fantastic team who I sub-contract to be at the side of the set.

What are the challenges of working remotely?

It is so different. At home I had a routine and then I threw myself into Remote Year where there is no routine. There are all of these things you want to do and places you want to explore. The hardest part is when you see people on social media doing all of these fun things in the city you are in but you have to stay in because you have a document to write.

What is a benefit of going remote?

Not being bored. I felt very static in my day to day life but when traveling every day can be different and I love that.

Have you noticed changes in yourself or your mindset since starting this journey?

Before I left I had a lot of heartache. Everything that could have gone wrong was going wrong. I was kind of running away when I booked Remote Year but since joining the program and traveling I have found happiness and matured more in this year than in my entire life. I know it’s cliche but I found myself. Everyone should travel. That’s why I want to continue this lifestyle once Remote Year is over.

What are 3 things you’ve learned about the world and its people while on this journey?

1.People are basically good. If you are in a bind people will help you out.

2.The world is so small but so big at the same time. You think you will travel and your bucket list will get shorter but it just grows as you find out about more amazing places to go and things to experience.

3. We are all basically the same with the same wants and needs regardless of who we are or where we are on the planet.

What are the top 5 most important items in your suitcase?

1. Laptop
2. Phone
3. Twinings English Breakfast tea
4. Passport
5. Backup credit card

What advice do you have for aspiring digital nomads?

Go with your gut and if you have the right job or the right scenario just go. Even if it’s not 100% perfect you just need to get started and learn as you go. People will try and talk you out of it so don’t talk about it until you put your money down and you’re committed.

As women, it’s especially important to be aware of our safety and surroundings. For instance, my friend and I were jumped by 3 guys in Medellin while just 1 neighborhood away from where we were supposed to be. We got out of the situation ok but these things can happen anywhere in the world. You need be knowledgeable of where is safe and unsafe in a city and always stay aware of where you are. If something bad does happen it’s important to remember this could have happened in your hometown and to keep on traveling and learning from your experiences.

To connect with Carly Gilbert : At Her Blog: Little Digital Nomad Website | Instagram

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