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It was winter of 2013, I graduated with a degree in psychology. Like many graduates and I had no idea what to do with my life. But I desperately wanted to delay entering the corporate world, calling a cubical home for the next 40 years.

I worked at a minimum wage job and hoping the penny will drop. Traveling is something I have always dreamed about but thought was only possible after you retire or if you won the lottery!

Until one day chatting to a co-worker the topic popped up, he has been to over 50 countries, turns out you can be on minimum wage and travel the world!

I learnt there is a world of backpackers who see the world without breaking the bank. Hostel World for affordable accommodation, Skyscanner can help you score the cheapest flights and the best thing about living an expensive country meant that most places yo go, cost of living is lower.

I booked a one way flight to Asia and the rest was history.

A three weeks holiday turned in to 16month on the road.

The road brought so many firsts, first stay in a hostel, first cruise, first time I travelled 15 countries in a row and the first time I really experienced the inequality between men and women.

I have always known of gender inequality else where in the world, the road was my real taste of it. Brought up in the UK sheltered me from setbacks women faced around the world. I expected local men and women’s shocked reaction, ‘ you are a girl and you are traveling solo without a husband or your father?’

What I didn’t anticipate was the reaction of friends and family back at home. My family were extremely worried, my girlfriends wondered curiously if the world was as scary as they saw in the media.

I wanted to do something in my power to change it.

To show women that they can travel! If I can, you can too!

Or even simply to raise awareness. That is good enough for me.

After I returned home, I started GoWonder, an online community to empower women to travel, to follow their dreams whatever that maybe because it only took one conversation for me to start living mine.

If you are passionate about women’s empowerment join the community and get the conversation started.

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