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Female Traveller Guide To South Africa | Female Traveller Safety Tips Included

Female Traveller Guide To South Africa

Female Traveller Guide To South Africa | Female Traveller Safety Tips Included

South Africa is a beautiful country and is fast becoming a top tourist destination. Given the history as well as being known as a 3rd World Country, many female travellers are apprehensive traveling to this amazing country. GoWonder caught up with some local women to share their insights on visiting South Africa and we collected all of the answers to give you the female traveller guide to South Africa.


Female Safety Tips in South Africa

Junelle:”When traveling to South Africa I urge you to come with an open mind. It is a country rich with culture, beauty and its unique wild life. A place like no other. Follow the advice of tourism and travel agents, and be vigilant and safe, as you would in all other countries. Make sure you know what areas to view and visit and Do not go into areas unaccompanied. Soak in the friendliness of this country and what it has to offer. Vast with different restaurants and beautiful landscapes and wild life sanctuaries. Make the effort to visit the small and quite beauties of places like Hogsback and Eerste Rivier, go and appreciate the good work of places saving animals in captivity of all countries like Shamwari and so many others. Do your research and go experience Gods beauty that is so unique to this land of ours.”

“Be alert always, carry pepper spray and have an emergency contact on speed dial.” – Selisha

Kerry: Crime happens in any country including ours so be safe, look after your belongings, make sure you are not being followed. Keep safe and enjoy our country.

Alicia: Be prepared but not down to the last second. Know where you want to go and when the best time to go there that way you also have time for surprised, delays, or extra-long stays along the way. It’s better to travel in a group or at least with someone else especially if you’re not sure of how safe the area is. And when in doubt ask a local. We’re a pretty friendly bunch and we’ll tell how it is. Be conscious of your surroundings. Not everyone will be out to get you or steal from you but be cautious enough not to flash your fancy camera or phone at night or when you’re by yourself on the street.

Destiny: Always carry your passport, money or cards on your body & not in your bag. Be vigilant, no matter where you are. Travel in groups.

Contraception in South Africa


Yeshira: Contraception is free at local clinics.

Prevashni: Whilst contraception is widely available in SA – even free; abortions are not as easily accessible, and back door options are said to be extremely dangerous. So, take precautions beforehand. I believe it’s a fallacy however that carrying around a male condom in your purse is essential when faced with a potential rape scenario. I don’t see any rapist obliging to your wish to use contraception.

Asmitha: Contraception is an extremely important topic, especially with the high rate of teenage/ unwanted pregnancies. I think it is quite easily available, however certain types of contraception are not affordable and therefore inaccessible to the vast majority. Most clinics do have family planning services, and male condoms are distributed freely. There is no issues regarding availability, the problem lies in affordability.

Necessities/ essentials for female travellers visiting South Africa?

Nabihah: Sunblock. lip balm, sanitary pads, cream for face and body – stay moisturised as the skin can get quite dry, especially in Gauteng. Water to drink.  The usual medical supplies – plasters and allergy medication.

Junelle: The cost of sanitary and all beauty products in South Africa is very pricy, and is a great need for woman especially in rural developments, and unemployed females. But along with this comes education about it, I believe empowering woman to respect their own bodies and what happens with them is of great importance. The birth rate of children abandoned is far too high due to the lack of knowledge and self-respect in certain cultures of South Africa. Woman should be empowered to learn to say No to men. To learn to stand up for themselves and not be afraid, woman should be taught and encouraged to become self-sustainable and strong entrepreneurs not just mothers and cleaners. They have far more to offer this beautiful country they just need someone to make them see their gold within them and draw it out.

Arika: Sanitary pads are not affordable to everyone as it should be, as women (age dependable) require these. This is a necessity not everyone has the luxury of having. For women visiting South Africa, all essentials are readily available in stores, supermarkets and pharmacies however, they can get a bit expensive.

Sana: Birth control, tampons, pepper spray, cleansing wipes, taser.

Cultural Etiquette In South Africa

Susann: Be polite, we like to be greeted, smiles cost nothing, we aren’t all the same – every country has amazing people and criminals. Give tips when you eat out, fuel your car or have a guide. Learn a greeting in one of our 11 official languages or even just thank you… you will be pleasantly surprised how big a difference your experience will be when you are nice to locals.

Selisha: Tourists should definitely indulge in the array of rich cultures in South Africa and not just stop at the delicious cuisines but understand the culture behind it.
Heather: Always use your manners please and thank you. Be polite and not belligerent.

Arika: avoid racial and political remarks, we have a rainbow nation and a lot of different cultures that should be experienced and enjoyed, from eating boerewors and bunny chow to pap with stew it all must be enjoyed.

Rashma: Dress appropriately when visiting a temple or mosque or any holy place. Try to avoid going out alone rather go site seeing in a group. When visiting the market places keep your valuables close. Always bargain for a discount. Enjoy the multi-cultural offerings. SA is a beautiful and majestic place. We have not 1 but 2 oceans on either side, the mountains, the vine yards, spices from around the world and most importantly the hospitality of a beautiful nation.

Jenelle: Embrace the diversity and the hospitality of the rainbow nation. Take care of our resources whilst here.

Vidal: Please do not appropriate our cultures. It’s okay to participate with locals in cultural activities but please don’t treat our cultures as if they are costumes because they are not.


Final Thoughts

When you visit a new country, there will always be comforts of home that you will miss. It is important to do your research to make sure you are prepared for the adjustments you need to make and what you need to bring. It is also important to keep an open mind. Travelling will challenge you, but it is worth it. This comprehensive female traveller guide to South Africa will help you begin your planning for your adventure to this fabulous country.


That’s all from us, do you have any tips? Anything else you want to add to the Female Traveller Guide to South Africa?  Leave it in the comments below! 

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