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GoWonder City Guide | Zagreb, Croatia

GoWonder City Guide | Zagreb, Croatia

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Today let’s follow 
Irena to Zagreb, Croatia.

Getting Around

Zagreb has a really wide area covered by buses and tram so my suggestion is to take public transport. One-way ticket costs 4kn (about 0.50€) for half an hour, which is in most cases enough to come from point A to point B. There is also Uber and taxis, I would recommend Cammeo for short relations (up to 5km), and Radio Taxi Zagreb for longer.

Must Try Food In Zagrab

If you’re in Croatia, you can’t not to try local drink called “rakija” (schnaps). There is a variety of it, made from fruit, like cherry, blueberry etc which are not so strong, and typical rakijas made from herbs, plums, pears, which are stronger.

Regarding the food, typical dish would be štrukli or štrudle, sweet pastry with fresh cheese or apple.

I would recommend going to natural park Medvednica/Sljeme (you can go by foot or by bus), there are some restaurants where you can eat food like goulash, beans and sausage, etc.

Must Try Restaurant In Zagrab

Zagreb has a wide range of restaurants, depends on what do you want to eat. I will mention some of them.

Nokturno restaurant in Skalinska is one of the most popular. It is in the city center and has cheap food, like pizza, pasta, fried or grilled chicken etc. You can get decent meal up to 8€.

Leonardo is next to previously mentioned Nokturno, only more expensive (but not too much). Also, one of the really popular is Capuciner, across the Cathedral.

If you’re in the mood for hamburgers, I would recommend We are 50 Burger&Champagne bar, it has higher prices (around 7€ for a burger), but is really tasty, and made from fresh ingredients. Also, there is Plac Kitchen&Grill in front of Dolac market which is also good.

For a barbecue, there is Tvornica pljeskavica Kosta in Cvjetno naselje, and Kod dede, in Precko neighbourhood (really close to the tram station, easily accessed).

There is also a variety of international cuisine, from Indian, Greek, Sushi etc, all can be found in the city center.

Must Try Cafe In Zagrab

Croatians are known for drinking coffee, and sitting in cafés for hours!!  So naturally, whole town is full of coffee shops and bars.

One advice, avoid Cvjetni trg (square) and Bogoviceva street, coffee shops like My way, Café de Paris, Vip travel caffe because you’ll pay much more for drinks, and only few meters away (Varsavska street e.g.) you’ll pay less. One of my favs are Procaffe in Tkalciceva street, Kavanica in Varsavska, Finjak in Vlaska.

What is Zagrab known for?

Depends what you are interested in, but I would recommend visit to the Museum of broken relationships, taking a ride with funicular, visiting Park Maksimir.

Top 3-5 places to check out in Zagrab?

If you’re more of the nature type like me, I would recommend, as previously spoken, Medvednica and Maksimir.

If you like to explore, there is a miniature of solar system, starting with statue of gold circle in Bogoviceva street, which represents the sun. Starting from there, you can find other planets around the town.

Also, there is a lot of street art like murals so you can wander and look for them.

Must Try Activities in Zagrab?

There is an app which can help you discover the city on a fun way:


Night life in Zagrab

Speaking as a young woman, I’ve never had issues when I was going out. Most of the clubs are safe, they have security on entrance. Most of Zagreb’s night life is based in the city centre, where you can find a lot of cafés for pre-drinking, and clubs like History, Opera, Vip, Alcatraz. There is club Hangar about 6 mins by tram from the main square, and Gallery club at lake Jarun.

Accommodation in Zagrab

Since I’ve never looked for accommodation in Zagreb, I don’t know what to highly recommend. But there are some hostels like Chillout hostel, about 3 mins by foot from main square, Swanky Monkey, one tram station from main square. Also, there is big choice of apartments on Airbnb.

Female Travellers Safety Tips

As a female, I can say that Zagreb is relatively safe city. I went numerous times alone in the middle of the night, taking the night bus, and I’ve never had problems. I would only recommend not to go too far away from city centre alone in the night, and to avoid passages underneath the street  in the night, especially if you’re alone (http://mapiranjetresnjevke.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/DSC03810-70.jpg – things like this). Also, if you’re lost or scared, try to reach Importanne centre, on the main train station. There are always people there, because it is one of the most frequent bus stations. Also, most of the times there are security guards or police.

What to do in an emergency?

192 – police

193 – fire department

194 – medical help

1987 – help on the road, if your car brakes down.

Additional Tips

Just enjoy and don’t worry too much. 🙂 Most of the people speak English and will gladly help you with anything you need.

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