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GoWonder City Guide | Hong Kong 

GoWonder City Guide | Hong Kong 

This is not a standard city guide you can find anywhere else. GoWonder travellers share their favourite spots from their hometown to create the most authentic guide. Discover the best things to do in the world’s greatest cities.

Today let’s follow Surkhi to Hong Kong. 

Getting Around

MTR ( subway) Bus, ferries for islands and discounted cabs if travelling long distance.

Must Try Food In Hong Kong 

Hong Kong is known for its wide variety of food. From street food to Yum Cha, the possibility is endless. Although some food like “chicken’s feet” is not for the faint hearted by you are only young once right?


1.  Pork dumplings 燒賣 “siu mai”

2.  Shrimp dumplings 蝦餃 “har gao”

3.  Barbeque pork bun 叉燒包 “char siu bao”

4.  Sticky rice with chicken in lotus leaf 糯米雞 “lor mai kai”

5.  Steamed beef balls 牛肉球 “ngau yuk kau”

6.  Rice noodle rolls 腸粉 “cheung fun”

7.  Chicken feet 鳳爪 “fung zau”

8.  Turnip cake 蘿蔔糕 “lo bak go”

9.  Steamed sponge cake 馬拉糕 “ma lai go”

10.  Egg tart @ Hoover cake shop or tai cheong bakery

蛋撻 “dan taat”

11. Hot pot /Das bin lou 打邊爐@ Megan’s kitchen

12. Hong Kong style Milk tea/  si mut naai cha and iced milk tea  @ Lan Fong Yuen

13. Pineapple bun/ Bo Lo Bao 菠蘿包@Canton Deli or Kam Fung Restaurant
All of the above food you can find at YumCha restaurant, for Hong Kongers, Yum Cha means drink tea, except there are lots of gorgeous little dishes often steamed in bamboo trays.
For the real experience, head to a Yum Cha restaurant that have trolleys of food being pushed around, and you can pick what you want from the trolley!

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Must Try Restaurant In Hong Kong

Tosca,  the verandah in peninsula, ozone bar in ritz Carlton for the best view. Man Wah in mandarin oriental for Chinese, Tim ho wan for reasonably priced Cantonese food, Nomads for Mangolian and Bombay dreams for indian. download eatigo app and it has lots of discounts 

Must Try Cafe In Hong Kong

Fuel, mixing bowl and elephant grounds. Pacific Coffee for a quick cuppa.

What is Hong Kong known for?

Hong Kong Street life, Cantonese food and the harbour.

Top 3-5 places to check out in Hong Kong?

Victoria peak taking the peak tram, big buddha with cable car ride, avenue of stars, alfresco dining in Stanley and sampan ride at harbour

Must Try Activities in Hong Kong?

Nightlife, hiking and walking tours. Clokenflap music fest in November.

Night life in Hong Kong 

Lan Kwai Fong. Ozone at Ritz Carlton. Avoid wanchai street bars.

Accommodation in Hong Kong 

Central district. Hong Kong is usually safe. Just avoid chungking mansion, mirador mansion and area around that in Tsim Sha tsui.

Female Travellers Safety Tips For Hong Kong 

Just avoid touts selling fake watches and bags and use your common sense. Hong Kong is safe.

What to do in an emergency?

Emergency services (police, fire, ambulance) 999,

Police Hotline +852 2527 7177

Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong +852 2807 0707

Hong Kong Tourism Board Visitor Hotline +852 2508 1234

Hong Kong International Airport +852 2181 8888

Additional Tips

Once you land in Hong Kong, try to deal with a local agent for discounted tickets to the attractions and Macau ferry

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