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GoWonder City Guide| Düsseldorf -Germany

GoWonder City Guide| Düsseldorf -Germany

This is not a standard city guide you can find anywhere else. GoWonder travellers share their favourite spots from their hometown to create the most authentic guide. Discover the best things to do in the world’s greatest cities.
let’s follow Melissa to Düsseldorf, Germany.

Getting Around

Public Transport: Great to reach all destinations in an easy way! You can get a one way ticket for 2,70€ and a day ticket for 6,90€ / – after midnight I suggest using a taxi which costs you around 4,50€ + 2,50€ per km / trains and busses are usually still safe at later times but are not going as often as in daytime! / you can find late time busses (NE Bus) at the old town and city centre. 

Must Try Food In Düsseldorf

You have to try out the “Alt beer” it’s a dark beer which is typical for Düsseldorf! I recommend “Himmel and Ähd“ at the Nordstraße!

Also eat some mushroom soup when it’s the season.

Must Try Restaurant In Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf has a big Japanese community so I can recommend eating at Little Tokyo (immerman strasse) ramen (Takumi or Takezo are great) or at Naniwa! Maruyasu offers a great difference of sushi.

If you’d like some German food try out “Der Schwan” at the old town or find your self a nice place to eat at bolker strasse or around the corner (you will find German, Italian, Spanish, French and a lot more restaurants).

Must Try Cafe In Düsseldorf

Enjoy a breakfast at “Rosie’s” at Aderstrasse or some cupcakes at “Sugar Bird Cupcakes” at Heinrich Heine Allee! If you’d like to enjoy your coffee from higher above invest in visiting the “Rheinturm” for about 9€ you can see the whole city.

What is Düsseldorf known for?

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Düsseldorf is known for having lots of bars and discos in just one street (Bolkerstraße) you will find a place to party for every kind of person!

Also you should take a walk at the Rhine and have a nice sit at the Rhine stairs. In summer there are a lot of Street dancers who make great show acts!

If you’re here at Christmas time check out all the Christmas markets which each have a lovely theme.

Top 3-5 places to check out in Düsseldorf?

1) Go shopping in Flingern, it has really nice boutiques and shops

2) take a walk around the old town and visit the market (Karlsplatz) for a snack

3) make a nice Picknick at the Rhine fields and watch the sunset

4) Go out at bolkerstraße for a beer or live music and get an „Alstadt-Pizza“ afterwards at one of the Italian restaurants who are open till the morning comes (beer=1,50-2€, pizza around 5€)

5) If you are a nature lover take a walk at Grafenberger Wald or visit the wild park with local animals (free)

6) königsallee is a 1km shopping mile with high end stores Düsseldorf is famous for. If you are not interested in 1000€ bags I suggest the Lindt or Heinemann store for goooood chocolate 🙂

Must Try Activities in Düsseldorf?

Go and see the city by bike if you’d like! You could take the bicycle way at the Rhine (bikes can be rent in the old town)

Take a look at the parks „Nordpark“, „Hofgarten“ and „Florapark“

Do a city Tour run by homeless activists from the social project „fifty fifty“


You should always check out Facebook for events (for example street festivals like japan day, france festival, flea markets or food markets)

Night life in Düsseldorf

The düsseldorf old town is protected by the police! If there’s any problem you reach them fast to get help. It’s a big party area so you have to be a bit mindful of pocket thieves and drunk people!

If you like it a bit more piece full I recommend cafe Florian or Himmel und Ähd at Nordstraße. You will find local bars at any city part though 🙂

Accommodation in Düsseldorf

Try to get something in the city center around the old town or königsallee

I don’t recommend to stay in a hotel close to the train station.

Since it isn’t a nice area and sometimes meeting point of shady people at nighttime.

Female Travellers Safety Tips For Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is a pretty safe city. Although I don’t recommend walking alone in parks at night.

There are some pocket thieves active in the old town so take care of your stuff, especially while having a party!

What to do in an emergency?

You can contact  the police with the phone number 110

With 112 you get an ambulance or firemen

If you get sick you can get competent help from pharmacies (Apotheke) which are basically everywhere!

There are some WiFi spots in the city centre and a city information at the main train station and Old town!

Additional Tips

Talk to the locals and walk as much as possible 🙂

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