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Review: Scott’s Cheap Flights

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The Flight Deal Email Service travellers have been waiting for!

We want to share with you an up-and-coming flight deal service that will change the way you find Cheap Flights! Scott’s Cheap Flights is an email subscription service that sends real time heavily discounted international fares to your email.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 15.17.28Subscribe to Scott’s Cheap Flights here and save up to $607 per international ticket!

Melissa from our Facebook team signed up for Scott’s Cheap Flights back in early September, she loved the free service so much she signed on for the premium service. Now that Scott’s Cheap Flights is nearing a quarter-million subscribers with at least $2.5 million saved, it’s about time we share this secret with you. Read on to see what Melissa has to say about Scott’s Cheap Flights.

Melissa: “It is unlike any other email subscription I’ve been apart of, free or paid for.”

The emails are almost daily, from all the major US hubs. (I think they’ve recently added European starting airports, but not sure for now.) The deals vary from popular US destinations, a ton of European destinations, and lots of other various ones. Just this week were amazing deals to Hawaii, Japan, Paris, Amsterdam, Costa Rica AND Australia! Last week had similar variety, with savings averaging 40-50%, anywhere from $200-$1000 off. The best part about each email is that it shows you how to book it. Usually he send you to google flights or to Momondo.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 14.56.32

It’s typically those two sites, so if you’ve used them before it becomes really easy! When you click the link, it usually has the best deal/dates brought up, so it’s easy to switch it around from there.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 15.10.59
Normal price: $700 +
Scott’s cheap deals : as low as $297

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 14.59.01Also here is one last screen grab- shows the Boston- copenhagen price for $345!

Subscribe to Scott’s Cheap Flights’ premium membership here and save up to $607 per international ticket!

How Scott’s Cheap Flights works

Scott's Cheap Flights

Image courtesy of Scott’s Cheap Flights.

As Scott describes on his website, he’s made it his full-time job to search for flight deals. Unlike other sites that load your email account with domestic flight deals, Scott focuses solely on international fares. Once he finds a cheap flight, he checks the other 83 cities to see if the deal is also available departing from other airports.

That’s why Scott can brag that subscribers save an average of $607 per ticket.

As Scott explains on his website:

Q: Are you going to spam my email with lame deals?

A: Nah, I hate those email subscriptions that implore you to buy a flight every time the price drops $20 because they get a commission. I don’t receive any commission, so my only interest is helping people find steals.

Once he has all of the details put together, he sends off an email to his subscribers. But, this is where there’s a difference between being a standard and premium subscriber.

Free Service

Anyone can sign up for Scott’s free email subscription list by entering your email address on Scott’s Cheap Flights website. Free subscribers will get about one-third of flight deals Scott deems worthy of sharing.

Premium subscriber

For all the frequent fliers and travellers out there, a monthly fee of $5 (or $3.25/month if you subscribe to a year plan) will allow you to receive more good deals.

Become a premium member here and save up to $607 per international ticket!

Things to watch out for:

So the only thing I would highlight is there is a chance of being sent to websites like travelmerry, fly2be and omega flight store. These are all 3rd party sellers, that do sell real tickets, but awful customer service. If you purchase a ticket through one of these sites there is typically zero flexibility so take extra care when booking.

**This post contains references to products where we receive compensation at no extra cost to you.

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