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The Best Backpack for female travellers voted by the GoWonder community.

The Best Backpack For Female Travellers Voted By The GoWonder Community.

Shopping for your first backpack? Looking for that solid travel buddy for you next big adventure? We asked the GoWonder community what’s the best backpack for female travellers and here are the best backpack for female travellers. 

Best backpack for female travellers with fuller figure. 

K.m. Kolsch:” I have an Osprey –  35 L day pack. I love it. I use it for travel, touring cities, and hiking. It’s awesome because: 

1. It is durable

2. Lightweight

3. It comes with a lifetime warranty

4. Super functional backpack- great pockets, can attach trekking poles easily

5. Chest and waist straps actually work, best backpack for female travellers with a fuller figure.”

Three colours available on Amazon. Get yours for £57.50  in the UK, or $100.00 in the US.



Kristi Hale: “I use the same (Osprey –  35 L day pack). It’s got lots of compartments, and it fits me, Straps are comfortable. Also, try it on in a store if you can. There is a very similar one that Osprey markets specifically for women. I tried on that one and the regular one, and found that the regular one actually fit me better. Also, try it on in a store if you can. There is a very similar one that Osprey markets specifically for women. I tried on that one and the regular one, and found that the regular one actually fit me better. The red option of the exact same backpack is around £15 cheaper than the black one for #Wonders who are searching for quality but wish to pay less.”

“I swear by my Osprey FarPoint 40, I used it for three years, then I bought a 50L from another brand , which I loved the idea of (slightly bigger, compartments and a handbag) and I hate it. Too many straps that get in the way, back to my dinky Osprey – big enough for backpacking Asia, Australia and New Zealand for 3 years, but easy enough to take on a week away in Europe too. Perfect.” – Sarah Carter

Get it on Amazon for £75.80 if you are in the UK or $141.33 in the US.



Best backpack for female travellers who need a bigger backpack

Samantha Williams: “I’m a big fan of the 46L Osprey Porter. I love that it is carry-on approved, yet also has spots to zip the straps into if you did decide to check it in. Putting away the straps and tightening other straps makes it easy to store the bag as well. I like how the whole front opens, rather than just the top of the main compartment. It makes it much easier to pack and find things when I’m traveling. The smaller laptop sleeve in the front is great, too. It’s lightweight and can fit much more than you would expect. Mine has been all over Asia now, with more trips to come! And here is a photo of me with my Osprey! 🙂 “

Katja Marie von Horstess: ” I love Osprey backpacks. I use the Osprey Porter 46l too and got my partner the Osprey Farpoint 40l. Both are carry-on ok, so money saved. Plus no queuing and waiting for your luggage to get out at the end of your flight. Your off the plane and ready to go 🙂 I like the Porter 46 better, because the straps etc are more easily out inside the backpack. And its pretty rain-safe too! Had it on a boat when a gigantic wave came in, everyone was soaked but all the stuff in my backpack remained dry.

Oh, and its got heaps of little side pockets and a laptop pocket, which are great. Its small but you can still pack a punch – I manage about 10-11kg per trip in this one bag (Porter 46). And two years into use with 10 holidays and still in perfect condition – no threads loose or zippers ripped. And I’m throwing it around like crazy. So yeah, I love the Porter

One thing better about the Farpoint 40L: Its a tiny little bit more comfortable to carry on the shoulders, but both are fine.”

Get your Osprey Farpoint on Amazon, prices starts at £89.99 – £114.73 depending on colour or, $141.33 in the US.

Best backpack for female travellers who are looking for a light weight pack

Verushka Ramasami: “Totally love my Cabin Zero backpack.
I always carry a handbag and a big one at that when I travel. I have actually named one of my handbags as my “Travel Handbag” as it is genuine leather, soft and big enough for all my things.The only problem I have realised a few months ago ,is that it is hard to keep a bag on your shoulder while hiking and taking pictures. And the Cabin Zero entered my life.”

Cabin Zero Backpack Info :

1. Ultra Light and weighs 600g.

2. Available in 13 colours.

3.Has side compression straps.

4. oversized padded straps.

5. Built in Global Tracker powered by Okoban.

6. 10 year warranty.


Credit To SpiceGoddess.

May Daño Perry: “20L Berghaus for my day pack and 45L Vango for trekking….they are super light and comfy and breathable. Used them 6-8hrs everyday during trekking and my back is pain free!!! So it’s a super backpack for me and I’ve had it for years now and here is a photo of me with my pack on!”

Get yourself a 20L Berghaus on Amazon for £20.00 or $29.03 in the US, available in 7 colours.

Best backpack for female travellers who are tall

Nadya Siapin: “I have the Lowe Alpine 60L. Its a bit big, but I’m a tall girl and it has an easily adjusted back. Used it for the Camino (I camped most of the way) fit everything with room for food! No back or hip pain anymore either.” 

Best backpack for female travellers who are on a budget

Shilpa Sisodia: “If you’re on a budget, you can get a Karrimor 30L. I take it on all trips (longest about 3 months).

It’s been through a lot and is still standing, has enough compartments and people often take them for work so they blend in. I wrote about it on my blog.”

Get yours on Amazon for £26.70 or $28.00 in the US.

BONUS TIP: How To Find The Perfect Backpack That Fits  You

Annie Soulsby: “The only recommendation I have is to go and get a bag that fits you. Go to a shop where they know how to find one and fit it to your exact shape, height etc. Otherwise its just pain and misery.”

Note: Not all responses came from
 GoWonder Community members. Submissions may have been edited for length/clarity.

So there you have it, the BEST BACKPACK FOR FEMALE TRAVELLERS recommended by the GoWonder community, what kind of backpack do you have? Share it in the comment box below!
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