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8 Travel Skincare Tips from beauty bloggers and YouTubers

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Traveling can be so magical yet the constant change of temperature, weather and humidity can be a huge burden on our skin. We pick the brains of 8 beauty bloggers, YouTubers and ask them to share their top secrets to staying flawless on the road. Lets see what they had to say!

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Lara Eurdolian

Women, beauty, tips, gowonder, youtube, bloggers, travel

Lara, an international marketing veteran for the beauty industry, shared her simple tip:

“Face wipes and Aquaphor. From a hand wipe to makeup remover to skin refresher, or general surface wipe (I spill coffee everywhere), makeup wipes are a traveler’s best friend. Aquaphor is my other travel must have and is a beauty super hero in my book. It’s great for dry skin, chapped lips, I mix it with eyeshadows to make them cream based or turn them into highlighters, tames flyaways, removes eye makeup… it literally does it all.”

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Women, beauty, tips, gowonder, youtube, bloggers, travel

Madeleine, a beauty and travel blogger, and a huge Elvis fan:

“When I travel, I always take a face mist with me. It perks up my complexion, refreshes me, and I find the aromatherapeutic benefits soothe me when in transit. I love Caudalie Beauty Elixir, Jurlique Rose Face Mist, and De Mamiel’s Face Mist.”

If you want to connect with Madeleine find her on Facebook or Instagram.

Melanie Yvette

Women, beauty, tips, gowonder, youtube, bloggers, travel

Melanie is the creator of a space where women of all ethnic backgrounds can feel like they have a say so in the never-ending beauty conversation and she gave us her own beauty tip when travelling:

“Traveling is my time to chill out on makeup. I always keep my orange blush (NARS’), a good powder (Make Up For Ever Pro Finish in 185), mascara and a glossy metallic lippie. If I’m going to the beach, I put on my SPF and swipe some blush on my cheeks and keep it moving.”

More about Melanie: Twitter | Instagram

Emily Crawford

Women, beauty, tips, gowonder, youtube, bloggers, travel

Emily is a beauty blogger who grew up with an early love of style and a belief that beauty comes on many forms and we couldn’t agree more with her! Sharing her beauty tip with us and in her own words:

“My beauty tip when traveling is, ensure you stay hydrated internally by drinking LOTS of water, and externally by treating your skin with TLC wherever possible – whilst remembering to use sunscreen all day every day!”

More from Emily: Facebook | Instagram

Jordyn Wiebe

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Jordyn, a certified makeup artist and an Independant Consultant with Arbonne International created her blog to feature step by step makeup tutorials, product reviews, lifestyle inspiration and to teach us all about the benefits of using vegan, cruelty free and botanical beauty and wellness products with Arbonne.

“My travel beauty tip is to keep it simple. Take minimal products with you so you can create your favorite effortless look. Form me that would be a glowy bronze look, very simple eyes, lots of highlight and bronzer and a super bright lip!”

Connect with Jordyn: Instagram | Facebook

Emmily Banks

Women, beauty, tips, gowonder, youtube, bloggers, travel

Emmily is a beauty blogger. A firm believer that true beauty comes from within, and every woman deserves to experience the effects of dedicating time to their mental and physical health. She shares her beauty tip with the the #Wonderers:

“I am all about ‘less is more’ so my favourite beauty tip for travelling is to take products that can be used in more than one way. I always take my favourite non-toxic, au naturale lippy with me and use the excess on my cheeks as blush- less products to carry and the best way to be out the door quick too!”

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Margo Francois

Women, beauty, tips, gowonder, youtube, bloggers, travel

Margo, the creator of Beauty & The Beat, a one-stop-shop for the style-conscious glam connoisseurs. Her blog is all about beauty, fashion and yoga and this is what Margo had to say about her beauty tip when traveling:

“My go-to beauty tip for traveling is to embrace minimalism. Pack a few products that are multifunctional. Coconut oil is a great example of a beauty treasure that can be used on your hair and skin. The smallest dab is great for moisturizing and defining curls on textured hair. It’s also a great makeup remover and an awesome all-over body moisturizer!”

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Rae Chen

tips beauty bloggers GoWonder

Rae, is the creator of the Canadian blog theNotice, in which she writes about weird, wonderful beauty products, blogging, and other naughty things. Lets see what her #1 beauty tip is:

“My #1 beauty tip while travelling is to always bring powders and solids when possible. Taking powder soap and solid shampoo can really cut down on your approved liquids bag, and they tend to take up less space in your luggage as well!

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