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7 Tips on How to Beat the Post-Travel Blues

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7 Tips on How to Beat the Post Travel Blues

Post travel blues is a common phenomena amongst those with wanderlust. Blogger and traveller Chloe from – a blog about success, motivation, and self-improvement shares her top 7 tips on how to over come post travel blues. 

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Post Travel Blues

1. Incorporate the culture you were immersed in into your daily life.

Something like cooking the cuisine of the culture you were once in may spark beautiful recollections. Think about the yummy foods you ate along your journey and recreate them at home – you may surprise your friends and family too! Others could include the spirituality of the culture, certain parts of the people’s lifestyle, morning routines, or another outlook on life.

2. Look at “home” with a different lens.

This summer, I went back to where I grew up and looked at it with a new set of eyes – I visited places I had never been before, met new friends, and enhanced my relationships with old ones. Just because you’re back home, doesn’t mean it means you’re all back to routine.

3. Join a forum/social networking sites for travellers like yourself.

Apps like “Travello” is a great way to connect with fellow travellers and dive into the community. If you’re not into meeting new travellers for a new trip, there’s always the social feed and interest groups so you can interact and discuss everything travel!

4. Visual memories.

Place pictures, little trinkets, or other memories from your travels around your living space – it may serve as a nice reminder about the great travels you’ve had in a specific country, maybe even enveloping you in the vibe of being back there! I.e. Using the cute little tiki mug you’ve

5. Write and Share.

Share your experiences in writing on a blog or a social networking site for other people to read and check out – allow others to go through the same experience as you did and enhance their trip, they’ll be thanking you later. Inspire others to travel to the places you’ve been on platforms such as TripAdvisor so you can recommend places that were particularly special to you.

6. Look forward to future trips.

There are 195 countries in the world. Start a little travel plan or vision board for the next few countries you’re planning on visiting in the near future. It’ll definitely get you excited to pack your bags and get moving again. I love going on the Lonely Planet website to inspire myself and get myself riled up to visit some of the world’s most beautiful places. It’s also a great site for research, especially on places you wouldn’t expect to want to go and see – the site gives you a sweeping overview of the experiences, places, atmosphere of each country, and plenty of high-quality pictures to feast your eyes on.

7. Let your experiences craft an improved you!

Use those experiences to your advantage. You have bound to have learned many lessons – bad or good – on your trip. Carry them over to your every day life and further glorify the travel experience you just had. Lessons are a fantastic motivator, especially if they come from something so unique. Sometimes, the aftermath of traveling to another country may spark the desire to learn the language, learn how to cook the cuisine, learn how to make that particular country’s coffee, or even learn a new hobby local to that country. Let the culture open new doors for you.

Written by Chloe from | Instagram: @CiaoChloe

Do you have any tips for beating the Post Travel Blues? Drop it down in the comment below. Remember if all else fails, book another trip. 😉


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