5 ideas to spice up your long distance relationship

5 ideas to spice up your long distance relationship

If you are on the way to take your next flight, train or bus to see your distance lover than know you are not the only one. Welcome to the LDR club!

Here you will find some tips you can use to spice up your distance relationships and to deeply appreciate your other half. Lets get started!

1. Tease your partner

It doesn’t matter if you have been together for several months or years…you can still reignite the sparks. Write pick up lines and naughty messages. That is really important for distance couples. Be creative, send pictures and update her or him with events happening on your side of the globe. Your partner is a part of your life, distance doesn’t matter.

2. Gifts that brings you together

For distance couples the best thing is to offer a gift for your both. Buy a ticket for yourself (direction: your lover) and surprise your love arriving at her/his place or buy a ticket for your lover (direction: you) and send it to her/his e-mail or better by post. (p.s. make sure that you know  their schedule of course).

3. Gifts that reminds them about you

Send her flowers or buy him tickets to that football match he wanted so much. Leave her a note & tell her how much you miss her/him. Remember, that these surprises can costs a lot therefore you should get to know her/his friends in town who can deliver flowers next to the right door or put tickets in the right letter box.

4. Learn from your partner

Learn the language she speaks. Write her something in her language. Be curious about the job he does. Ask him to teach you. He will appreciate it. He enjoy reading? Ask him to recommend a good book.

Doing the same things will make you closer to eat other, it will give you more things to talk about and it will surprise you when you meet and you can do things together.

5. Challenge each other

Try new things together. It will give you a security to try new things with a person you love and you will remember them longer. Do things that scares you together. It is proved that it connects more couples if they do scary things together. Challenge but support your lover, be a person with whom she/he can speak about everything!

Nowadays as flights are getting cheaper and we travel more than ever before, we have higher chances of falling in love on the road. We learn to appreciate moments we spend together, we miss harder and longer. Hope these five tips can help spice up your long distance relationship.

Got any tips of your own? Leave it in the comments below! Read more love stories from the GoWonder community. 

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