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24 Flight Essentials To Make You Feel Like You’re In First Class When You’re In Economy

24 Flight Essentials To Make You Feel Like You’re In First Class When You’re In Economy

Give yourself the upgrade you deserve.

Ahead of the holiday season, we asked frequent traveller, and our founder Dora what are her flight essentials she brings to make even the most uncomfortable and stressful flight feel first class.


Being an avid traveller and in a long distance relationship with 7 hour time difference, traveling is a frequent affair but flying is the part I enjoy the least. Which is why I fill my time with activities I enjoy but normally can’t find enough time. For example, I am obsessed with skin care so I always spent a generous amount of time giving myself an extended head to toe spa. So unless you are one of the lucky ones who can fall asleep the minute the plane takes off, then whatever your favourite pass time is (or guilty pleasure of course, pack it with you in your carry on).

A combination of dry recycled air, and being stuck in one place for a (seriously) long time, can leave both your skin — and you — dry and dehydrated, which will have flow-on effect once you land. To combat this, I always bring a collapsable water bottle and top up through out my flight.

  1. This one from Hydaway is my one of my flight essentials not only is it kind to the environment but also collapse into a tiny little disk. Complete space saver. Get it on Amazon for £19.95.

    And of course you can’t forget about your skin.
  2. Take off your make up with either a cream cleanser like Banila & co’s Clean It Zero Cleansers Balm which takes off even the most stubborn water proof make up without striping your skin dry. You can get it on Amazon for £20.99 in the UK or if you are in the US $25.40.
  3. If you don’t have dry skin, make up removerwipes can do the job too but do choose one without alcohol. Like this travel sized packet from NeutrogenaGet it from Amazon, a pack of 12 travel sized wipes for £11.99, or get it  for $24.00 in the US.
  4. Once you take off your make up, layer on your most-hydrating treatments to replenish and protect your skin from the recycled air. I always start with a serum that is easily absorbed. The Ordinary “Buffet” serum 30ml is the perfect size to bring on your next flight. Available on Amazon for £21.09, or $24.28 in the US.
  5. For an extra boost of moisture, I will spray a hydrating mist, like Neal’s Yard Remedies Rejuvenating Hydrating Facial Mist, again, this little45ml bottle is suitable to add as part of your carry on spa set. Available for £14.90 on Amazon, or $66.00 in the US.
  6. Of course no spa is complete without a face mask. Now I know a lot of people are hesitant when it comes to putting it on in public, but when you are crammed in such a tiny space with barely any leg room, you’ve got to do everything you can to up your comfort level. So forget about everything else, put your maskon and enjoy. I swear by the Korean brand Mediheal’s Ampoule Mask – also known as the Natural Water Factor mask which always leaves my skin filling rejuvenated and hydrated. These are available on Amazon in a pack of 10 for £15.99, or $15.97 in the US.
  7. If my skin is feeling extra dry that day, I will put on a thicker layer of Fresh’s Rose Face Mask.Don’t be put off by the price, a little of this gorgeous cream will go a long way. Get yours for £142.25 or $69.95 if you are in the US.
  8. Also don’t forget about your hands too. In my carry on, I always make sure to include a small travel sized tube of hand cream which I will double up and apply when massaging swollen legs/ankles. Kick off your shoes, prop up your feet, and give them a well-deserved rub. A foot massage will help stimulate blood flow and prevent swelling.Try this Aromas Artisanales De Antigua Aromatherapy Juniper and Lemon Hand Cream 60ml, get it on Amazon for £7.00 or $11.39 in the US.
  9. Don’t neglect your lips either! This set from Burt’s Bees is a great set to include in your carry on.This set also make great presents too.

    Set the scene

  10. You are stuck in a tiny seat, next to strangers for a few hours and with people moving pass you every 10 minutes, it’s important to take the time to set the scene and get comfortable — especially if you’re on an overnight flight.

    If you want to catch some zzzz, an eye mask is flight essential. When you can, always opt for a silk mask, they are much gentler to your skin.
    Get this luxurious pure silk pink mask on Amazon for £12.99. Available in 3 colours.

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  11. Now this Bucky 40 Blinks Eye Sleep mask may look like a tiny bra but it works wonder because it does not apply extra pressure to the tender eye area.

    Available on Amazon in over 20 different colours. £15.95 or $12.99 in the US.

  12. I carry a pouch with loose lavender leafs to help me recreate the smell of my bedroom, I find this helps me fall asleep a lot faster but if you don’t have lavender at hand this Neom Organics  Pillow Mist will do the trick. Available on Amazon for £16.00 or $32.00 in the US. This is also carry on friendly size.
  13. If lavender isn’t your thing, try Loccitane’s Aromachologie Relaxing Pillow Mist is a great alternative.  Get it on Amazon for £19.50
  14. When traveling long haul, I opt for loose bottoms like cotton leggings or jogger bottoms (sweat pants if you are North American) because the low cabin pressure as well as the dry air circulating in the airplane may also inhibit blood circulation and cause swollen feet. When you’re dehydrated, your blood gets a bit thicker, which also reduces circulation. This pair of leggings from Nike is available on Amazon for £56.00 or $49.00 in the US.
  15. If you wish for something thicker, get these joggers for £31.49 if you are in the UK.

$37.39 if you are in the US.

16. Wear compression socks and avoid normal socks that constrict above the ankle, slip-on shoes work the best.
This pair of Ciora Handmade 100% Sheepskin Ankle Boot with Soft Suede Sole can be slipped on and off easily. Get it from amazon for £39.99. Available in 3 colours.


If you are in the US get these fluffy pair for $28.99.



17. When I am traveling, I always wear a light pair of trainers and never heals.

These Nike running shoes are comfortable, light weight and breathable. Available on Amazon, price starts at £60.90, or if you are in the US, prices starts at $50.00 depending on size and colour. 

Layer up

18. When you are trying to sleep on the plane, it is important to remember to layer up. A cashmere blanket scarf is perfect to wrap around when it gets cold on the plane and part of my flight essentials kit.

Get yours on Amazon for £87.27 or $92.99 in the US.

19. If you are prone to neck pains, a supportive travel pillow is a must to include in your flight essentials. I never use to suffer from neck pains but since I have gotten older, I have increasing felt the need of one.
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Get this flexible, twist neck pillow for £18.49 or $20.50 in the US.

20. And of course you will need a good bag to carry your goodies. If I am flying long haul, I opt for a two straps backpack rather than a handbag.

This backpack comes with a USB charging outlet, and it is light weight and water-resistant. Get it for £18.99 on Amazon.

21. Plus a carry on suitcase, I am a light packer and don’t have enough patience to wait for a check-in suitcase after an exhausted long haul flight. This cute Samsonite Spinner is the perfect travel companion. The best part is it has a divider pad for easy and organised packing in the top compartment.

Get it on Amazon for £123.75.

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22. If you can’t fall asleep, keep yourself entertained and catch up with reading. This Kindle has a built-in light and comes in 2 colours. Get yours for £79.99 



ortable charger so your gadget never runs out of battery.
23. Get this solar charger with 3 high speed output on Amazon for £25.99



24. Although I know drinking can dehydrate you but I do enjoy a naught treat every now and again.
I recently discovered these carry on cocktail kit. They are TSA friendly meaning you don’t even have to take them out of your carry on and put it in a plastic bag either.  


There are four flavours to choose from, Gin & TChampagne Cocktail with elderflowerThe Old Fashioned or The Moscow Mule.
These cocktail kits also make great presents too. Get it on Amazon for £19.99 or $24.00 in the US.

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That’s all of the recommended flight essentials from our founder Dora, what are your flight essentials? Share it in the comments below!

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