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14 Blogging Tips From Top Female Travel Bloggers

14 Blogging Tips From Top Female Travel Bloggers

Travel is a passion of many. But some have turned it into a career. While there are many bloggers out there, we asked 14 of our favourite female travel bloggers what is the secret to their success?

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 What is your top tip to aspiring travel bloggers? 

1- Be my travel muse – Kristin

The way to stand out is to be original, and the best way to do that is to focus on the things that you’re really passionateabout. Don’t try to be like everyone else. By focusing on the things you’re obsessed with and love, that passion will carry over in your content, and the other people who love the same things will connect with it. They will be your initial fan base, and it grows from there.

More about Kristin – IG: @bemytravelmuse| Facebook: Be My Travel Muse

2- Bohemian Trails – Megan

When I started travel blogging back in 2011, it was still relatively new—which brought about a whole new set of challenges—but nowadays there are many blogs out there so it’s important to really find your voice and write authentically to your audience. In fact, finding your audience is a job in and of itself, so consider that among your top priorities. Try to be patient; earning money from your blog will come a bit later.

More about Megan- IG: @Bohemiantrails| Facebook: Bohemian Trails

3- Boho Beautiful – Juliana

My advice to anyone out there who wants to start documenting and sharing their experiences of travel with others would be to always speak your truth. Reading about someone’s authentic honest experience of any place in the world is one of the greatest gifts you can give to others. Being a couple that always is in search for the most secluded place in the world (may it be a beach or a top of the mountain) reading about someone’s experience of that area first is like having a taste of the pie before committing to the entire slice. Don’t be afraid to speak from the heart even if it may be something most people would rather not hear. Honestly if the most beautiful thing in the world and bringing that through a blog or a post is an incredible and courages act.

IG: @Bohobeautifullife|Youtube: Bohobeautiful

4- Currently Exploring – Christina

Be unapologetically yourself — in life, love, work, friendship, and especially blogging — and broadcast this to the world. The right people will eventually find you.

There has been so much growth and expansion in this space over the past few years; it can be all too easy easy to find yourself hyper-concerned with what everyone else is doing, and to be hard on yourself for never being able to do enough. Stay focused on you and your journey, and how it continuously evolves, and you’ll attract the readers and opportunities that are meant to be there. Just keep moving forward.

IG:@currentlyexploring| Facebook: Currently Exploring

5- Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler – Alex

‘My best advice would be to stay yourself. Never do things that are not natural to you and never go against your true self because others would find it out easily and they would not believe you. Remember to be unique, or in a way of writing, or in your way of taking photos, or recording videos etc. Simply put, do things your own way because different things work for different people. Find your thing. Find something that will differentiate you from others so when someone sees your blog, he will know straight away how to describe you and your blog. Do something that no one else is doing; for example I started with Adventure and Spa project to promote both adventure/sports and wellness/relax activities in each destination I visit. Most of other bloggers write or about sports, or about chilling, so I put the two together to be different. And also to force myself to relax as I’m a workaholic. To recap, if you need to become a successful travel blogger, do things your way.”

IG: @crazysexyfuntraveler| Facebook: Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

6- Emily Luxton Travels – Emily

My advice for becoming a successful travel blogger is to be yourself. The very best blogs out there are the ones that are authentic. You should focus on the numbers of course, and trying to build your following and engagement – but the only real way to do that is to put yourself out there, be you, and hope that people like it. Don’t just copy other bloggers or follow all the usual “how to blog” steps – all blogs should be different and unique, that’s why people love them.

IG: @em_luxton| Facebook: Emily Luxton Travels

7- Viaggi Di Fraintesa – Francesca

My tip is to be honest and passionate. Be true to your audience, and be unique. Don’t be afraid to tell you opinion!

IG: @fraintesa| Facebook: Fraintesa

8- Girl vs Globe – Sabina

I have a whole section about blogging on my website where you can read my in-depth practical advice. But my top tip is to just be yourself. Blogging is all about letting your personality shine through and telling it like it is.

Here’s one more thing… Before buying a domain make sure the name you’ve chosen is something that can grow with you. I’m glad I went with Girl vs Globe, because it doesn’t limit me to travel and has a degree of flexibility that “University Traveler” wouldn’t have for example. Consider just using your name – that seems to be the new trend. Once you’re done choosing reserve a profile on all major social media channels even if you’re not planning to use them just yet.

IG: @girlvsglobe| Facebook: Girl vs Globe

9- Girls Born To Travel – Hélène

My tip to become a successful travel blogger is to stay true to yourself, try news thing & experiment and the most important don’t try to copy others, be you be unique !


IG: @girlsborntotravel|Facebook: Girls Born To Travel

10- Vanilla Sky Dreaming – Kim

I think the best advice I can give anyone trying to be a successful travel blogger is to never give up and be persistent. Research show that most bloggers quit within the first year of starting their blog. When I first started blogging, I met a very successful travel blogger who told me that it will take me at least 2 years to start making a living from it. I wanted to prove him and myself wrong, but as it turns out, he was pretty much right. Fighting through your first 2 years as a travel blogger can be challenging but if you keep working hard and doing what you love, updating your social media daily and not giving up on your dream, you can make a pretty decent living from it. There are also many Facebook groups for travel bloggers where you can seek advice on anything that helps a lot of bloggers. It’s also really important to be different and let your personality shine so that your followers/readers look at you as a friend and keep wanting to come back for more. I personally find it, that my more personal stories I’ve shared about my life experiences and travel adventures, the more people read my blog. We all have a story to tell that makes us all different, don’t be afraid to be honest and different. People will love you for it.

IG: @hofitkimcohen| Facebook: Vanilla Sky Dreaming

11- IndianaJo – Jo

I have two words for other women who want to make a success of travel blogging: consistency and commitment. So many new bloggers start out with a flurry of posts and within a few months, they’ve burned out and their blog dies. Writing regularly and sticking to a schedule, like posting once every Tuesday, will help prevent that. And then there’s the commitment. You really have to be in this for the long haul. Very few bloggers become a success overnight and gaining readers can feel painfully slow in that first year. Try not to think about it too much. Press on, press publish and keep your eye on years 2, 3 and more – for most of us, that’s where the success really lies.

Facebook: Indiana Jo

12- Jessie on a Journey – Jessie

Understand the power of growing your email list. So many travel bloggers focus solely on landing press trips, when there are other important aspects to running a blog. To have someone give you their email address — essentially their virtual phone number — is huge. These people will be the first to support your projects, purchase your products/services, and get excited about your content. Offer a freebie that would be of value to your audience to get them to subscribe — I offer a suite of blogging funsheets, for instance — then reward them with valuable content they’ll feel was created just for them.

IG: @jessieonajourney| Facebook: Jessie on a journey

13- Bucket List Journey – Annette

There are a million bloggers out there (literally!) and a significant chunk of them focus on travel, so in order to stand out amongst the crowd pick a sub-niche under the travel blogging realm. This could mean specializing in a particular country or solely on family adventure or luxury destinations.

Whatever you choose, make sure you know you’re going to absolutely love writing about it. Maintaining a successful blog takes dedication and many hours of work a week. If you are not truly passionate about your topic, not only will readers see right through your articles, it will be tortuous every time you sit down at the computer to create a new post.

IG: @bucketlistjourney| Facebook: Bucket List Journey

14- Borders of Adventure – Becki

Have a unique brand, niche and voice. Be known for something – whether it’s thematic, something you are passionate about or something you will always do and showcase when travelling.


IG: @bordersofadventure| Facebook: Borders of Adventure

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