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10 Quick With Mariam Sawires

10 Quick with Mariam

10 Quick is a new series on the GoWonder blog where we ask inspiring women 10 quick questions to get to know them and have a sneaky peek into their life. Mariam is a brilliant nomad, singer and an illustrator.

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10 Quick with solo female traveller Mariam

Something you can’t leave home without? 


I can’t leave home without an apple. Usually pink lady or granny smith I’m into at the moment. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” No seriously, I adore eating apples and you never know when you might need one. Also I like collecting the stickers. I stick them to my iPhone case. People have started to just give me there stickers. It reminds me of home in Australia where my whole fridge is covered.

Where do you live? And what do you recommend to traveller & nomad?


I live between Berlin, Hamburg and I guess you could say France. I don’t really have a home where I live. I live like a nomad from place to place. Hoverer, if I was to suggest a place in France go to Die it is like a small village medieval town with small cobble streets surrounded by nature.

You are obsessed with…


Sounds cliche but I’m obsessed with the invisible world of music. I ask myself everyday with curiosity (sometimes with frustration, sometimes with anger, sometimes with gratitude, sometimes with joy and peace) about this path – where it comes from, where it’s leading me too and what kind of person its making me become in life. This I would call my daily obsession.

Name a female hero you admire?


A female hero I admire is Nawal El Sadaawi – I think partially because she’s Egyptian and reminds me of my grandmother. This woman has such a brave and totally rolutionary way of thinking and despite having old age she has such a young and refreshing spirit. I love how in her writings and in conversation she always speaks out against the corrupt constructs of society and always respects the truth. Never swayed by bullshit around. You will see her in videos camping with demonstrators in Tahir square during the Egyptian Revolution and behind the scenes I know she continually wrote her powerful writings during her time in prison after speaking out against the dictatorship.

Night in or night out?


I adore people-watching and always feel good even just going out and walking on the streets. Theres always something you can gain from a simple exchange with strangers whether it be a smile or just a stare. However, I have to say that normally I’d prefer to spend my time in. I like the feeling of reconnecting inside, centring myself and expressing myself creatively through music and art. I feel I flow in life better this way it works well – spending a night in going smooth in my bubble or with close circle of people that I love and feel inspired by.

What motivates you


I would say I am motivated by the love and kindness of people. Sounds general but love heals and inspires me. It’s more powerful than my fear and self doubt when I feel stuck it gets me out. Love can manifest in many forms but I feel blessed by the people around me as they believe in what I’m doing and that motivates me so much.

Components of a good day


A good day means my body is happy (so I’m well and healthy), I feel externally supported (I have a team around me of people that genuinely love me and I feel their presence) and I in some way give (whether writing a song, recording something, giving food to a homeless person, cooking for my flatmates). A great day usually presents some sort of dialog with the universe, I feel clear signs of where I’m directed and what my sense of contribution is to others in that moment.

Your favorite quote


I have two. An old one I’ve carried awhile and a recent one I love. “Your word is your wand.” “Go for the better story.”

Your favorite app at the moment?

I wish I could say I was cool and updated with the latest apps but I have the basic ones. I guess the most exciting ones are the ones booking me flights to other countries haha because I love the feeling of travelling so much! But there’s an app I want to get which basically loops your voice like a sampler. I can’t remember the name but my friend showed it to me – its so simple and you can create a song with just 3 vocal loops – so efficient and creative!

Describe wallpaper that is on your phone?

The wallpaper on my phone is Ahnuma. It’s a painting I did in acrylic that I simply took a photo of it with my iPhone. If you ask me who Ahnuma is? She’s everything in my new EP coming out soon. She’s the creative being behind it all and the invisible genius and friend that I can turn to always. This wallpaper / painting is also the album artwork of my upcoming EP called AHNUMA by Mariam Sawires. I hope you like my art as well as my voice and songwriting.

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